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Subject:new journal
Time:11:18 pm
i have a new journal, awhitewashsong

hit it up, playa
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Time:01:21 pm
friends only....<3
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Current Music:my fridge is humming....
Subject:thank god
Time:11:12 pm
Current Mood:amusedim still waiting to get hit...
wow i have never longed to hug my parents more then i did last night... i laid on that couch just imagining me rapping my arms around them and cuddling up on the couch. even tho i was only a couple miles away it felt as if they were a half a world apart.....

im going to the mall tomorrow then lunch with rebecca and then to the movies with jj..

it really makes me wonder... when people talk or write, do they think of their saying or writing? i was reading somthing tonight, that i have seen before, and as i was reading it i was thinking "is she a total hypocrite?". i laughed to myself thinking how wonderful she thinks her own petty life is. yah thats mean but really.... im not talking about possesions or anything but she thinks shes complete and at peace when the world not hurting anyone but shes hurt more people then she can probabley count and/or even realizes. no one in this world agrees with one another completely, we all have or own unique minds and thats how we can find a relationship with people, we see somthing in them thats intersting and its somthing we dont have... you (yes she) runs from everything and cant turn around and go back for the bridges shes already burned.... its sad, yah but if she thinks shes at peace, let her be... cause fate is always there to kick yah in the ass... and for those of u that dont belive in fate.... everyone gets theirs..., in the END
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Current Music:jimmy buffet (whole cd)
Subject:a melting pot
Time:08:37 pm
Current Mood:boredbored
holly molly....

im very tierd... sigh
who knew doing nothing would be so hard?

today alex, pierce, linz and I went down to bumper boats... yes very intense. i got very wet! ahhh...!

wow last night when we were all sitting in the livin room the kids next door started calling for me and i guess alex went out and he told them im not in right now and they saw me i guess and said he was lieing and told him to get me to come out.... he came in and asked me if i wanted to come over and my dad was like tell them no because her dad will kill you. well i guess alex didnt get that my dad was kidding so he ran out there and yelled it to them and they said bring it but your daughter is hott, you dont want to start with my dad.....so this whole thing started.... it was really great haha...what a knee slapper!

were going home saterday and im actually relived i miss home <3 and my birthday party is soon! yay i still have tons of invitations to give out!

well i g2g... dream sweet. bai
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Time:09:55 pm
for any of you that dont know or think other wise..... NORTH CAROLINA SUX MONKEY BALLS.... there is nuthing to do, no where to go... and ugly boys next door that are video taping me and linz as we speak..... PERVS! any who.... dinner was dandy and now i smell of the bottom of a sewer filled with fish guts...*sigh* we have a really pretty house were staying in and it has a eleavator... must be going now bye bye!
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Current Music:the voice within
Subject:i wish i were in margaritaville....
Time:12:21 am
Current Mood:bitchybitchy
poor me sumthing tall and strong, make it a huricane before i go insane, its only half past 12 but i dont care, its 12 O'clock sumwhere....

HOLLY CRAP! this is the most insane night! im so glad to be going away but kinda sad at the same time....

WOOO im going on my 1st official date!!! oh gosh i really cant wait till i get back!!! im so happy i called ashlies house cause jj picked up :):) HAHA! yay...

talked to this crazy surfer dude today at work. he comes in alot... i meet him at the beach i say hes a bout 24 or 25... kinda knarley

wow i passed out at work the other day. thats the 1st time iv ever passed out.. its kinda crazy i cant member anything!

i leave in 4 hours for NC i prolly shouldnt even go to bed, then ill never wake up... 4 in the morning is so early! sum ppl are just outa there minds!

i never want to have another night like tonight again!!!! gosh im so glad its over... well for now, lmao! im glad ashlie was here to help me scream my way thru it!

well i have nuthing else i really feel like sharing soooooo dream sweet<3
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Current Music:whiskey girl
Time:11:15 pm
Current Mood:pissed offpissed off
I now only feel completely left out...

i left 50 bucks at ashlies... that sux and my bathing suit! gr i wish i had a damn car so i could go get it!

i never have anything to do that makes me mad. i wish linz would get on. i wish she didnt live so far away! she lives all the way in PA and we hardly get to see each other but i finally get to see her saterday! i luv talking to her she understands everything and she trys to give me her honost opinion and i like that even if it does hurt me sumtimes cause that only makes me better by knowing my faults..

give me sumthing tall and strong, a huricane before i go insane. i dont care cause its five O clock sumwhere<3

grr im craving a mud slide... ash makes em good.

god dont i feel like an idiot, why did i grab those pappers? shit... why do i screw up like that?? i hope we go c shrek.

i hold it up and show my buddys like we aint scared and our boots aint muddy <3 letters from home

the MTV movie awards were very lame... i was very disapointed and what were they thinking with the YA YAH YAHS? i mean they really bite....

i got a new portable cd player... my dad flipped when he saw how much money it was but hey its my money right? he actually got pissed im like gr shove it... i dont cry when u spend YOUR money

yah so i passed out at work yesterdat aint that humiliating? i dont know whats wrong with me anymore! i always feel sick...

i swear i dont kno what his problem is, im aloud to talk to other people. its not even like im interested. its not my fault the fag was on me. he was tackling me i wasnt tackling him and i was pushing him off me! i dont even see how he thought i could be interested!yuck... sum freaks... and he even had the nerve to try and get me drunk what a loser im not dumb im not gonna let u use me! retard...

UGH my parents make me so mad! why do they have to go threw my stuff! they know i wouldnt want them to read my poetry so i dont see why they have to go and do it anyways! gr.. i hate it when my mom crys

i cant wait to leave saterday, i wish i could go away forever. go live with linz

<3 dream sweet...
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Current Music:tainted love
Time:10:31 pm
Current Mood:contentcontent
im feeling a little better... im glad i went with ashlie it was alota fun!

i knew i heard noises outside her window...

dream sweet <3 bai
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Time:10:08 pm
im tierd of everything im gonna leave for awhile....
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Current Music:tainted love (my new obssesion)
Subject:dont touch me please, i cant stand the way you tease
Time:12:41 am
Current Mood:anxiousanxious
hehe im in such a good mood i decided to share!:)

yesterday i had to work which was muy lame after i got into the biggest fight with mi madre. then tiff and dom came over and we went swimming! O MY i cannot describe to you how many bugs were in the pool we got them out and the friggen were crawling BACK IN!lmao.... then we watched a priceless home video when casey came over;)
*"surf me or ill surf u"

today after work i went to doms party... which was pretty kool! we played this crazy game of keep the ball away. it was pretty brutal! then tiff did this slide and fell on the deck...then me and tiff procedded to beat dom in basketball... but we all kno he was not even trying cause he could whoop us....

i leave saterday for NC cant wait to see linz!

<3 everyone!
*dream sweet*
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